New Year's Eve 2011 at Robbie's House of Love

Ten bands are descending on Whidbey Island! New Year's is going to rock in with music from near and far. It's a toga party and who knows the debauchery that will ensue. The Band list:

Shadow of the Torturer


As usual, I will be recording the night and will hopefully have the sounds up and available soon.


Industry Standard my ass

I have finally fixed the technical problem that was preventing me from recording with my brand new computer, brand new Alesis IO 26 Firewire interface and brand new recording software! All I had to do was disable the wireless network card. Dumbshits. The world of computing has moved to wireless. How about programming your shit accordingly. OK! Full speed ahead--BAM! I hit a wall with CuBase setup. This program has the most poorly designed "out of the box" installation setup and technical setup that could possibly exist. I'm no slouch with computers. If you know anything about electronic discovery and forensics, you'll know there is a skill involved that requires you to know how to set up ANY program and make it do what you want in a very quick time frame. That includes making some programs do things they weren't intended to do. So, now I have to figure out how to get the playback to go somewhere, anywhere! Once I do that, I'll be ready to learn about how CuBase is used to overdub. That should be as entertaining as stabbing my own eyes out. If you are so inclined, follow the link to Steinberg and give them as much shit as you'd like for me.

As I said in my first post on the matter of recording, we're doing this on the cheap--code for POOR. I can't afford to be buying multiple software programs to test them for ease of use and appropriate functionality. So, I'm stuck. I just have to keep climbing that brick wall of a learning curve that CuBase requires.

Pistol Whipped Prophets from Eugene, Potty Mouth Society of Seattle, Potbelly of Whidbey Island, F.O.A.D. from one of the mainland towns(Everett, Lynnwood, whatever) and Mr. Plow from Canada will be playing for us on August 20. This will be the last and best show of the summer for us!


Recording on the Cheap

There is a steep learning curve to setting up a recording studio. The first attempt showed us what hardware problems we had. We were using a MAC PowerMac G5, Alesis I/O 26 Firewire input device and Audacity GNU recording software. The Alesis is very sensitive to the type of Firewire hardware it is connected to. The PowerMac's intergral firewire hardware was incompatible with the Alesis which resulted in spikes across all channels. That made the product unusable except in short sound clips.

We have since built a Windows 7 based system with an Adaptec Firewire input card. This eliminated the spike during recording, but now we have two other problems--a hardware and software incompatibility. First, Alesis has not ported their drivers to Windows 7, so the drivers will "fall out" (not function) after a few minutes of recording. We will need to create a Windows XP SP3 partition on our harddrive to load the Alesis drivers and interface. Second, Audacity will not record more than two channels on a Windows based system; therefore, we will be using CuBase 5 installed on the XP partition. Our next show is in June. I hope to have all the bugs worked out so I can post a mixed down recording of it.

I toured with Potbelly and Potty Mouth Society

                    The band I work with the most is Potbelly.

They have the most impressive discography of any band in the Punk genre. That list is slightly out of date, too.

The other band I will be working with soon is Potty Mouth Society

Hello All

What a great way to plunge in to the realm of eCommerce. For some of us, writing and designing our first blog. I have patterned this to meet my needs for my current business dream. I've listened to and been around the Punk scene for nearly as long as there has been Punk. I first heard the Sex Pistols in 1976. For a 13 year old Montana boy, that was definitely something. I am now 47 and have not lost the amazement at the freedom encompassed within the sounds and structures of the genre. Don't get me wrong; my musical interests are vast and varied. In my Favorites section are the categories of the different forms of music I love.